Kester Sherman Guy

Mr. Kester Guy is currently the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Supervision & Regulation at the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in Barbados, where he oversees that organisation’s core regulatory divisions – insurance, securities, credit unions and (occupational) pensions. The former Assistant Director-Research & Economic Analysis at the Central Bank of Barbados, also assists in the shaping of FSC’s strategic and supervisory direction.

Mr. Guy has an extensive background in economics and research, having assited his team at the Central Bank in the development and maintenance of a macro-prudential framework for assessing financial stability in Barbados and contributing to economic and financial policy formation through research. His professional development also included being CEO of Barbados Deposit Insurance Corporation, senior economist at the Central Bank of Barbados and economist at the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.

This economics and financial analysis manager, balances his busy career with the duties of husband and father.


Recent Publications and Presentations

Peer Reviewer: “Fiscal Rules: Towards a New Paradigm for Fiscal Sustainability in Small States” Inter-American Development Bank Working Paper 2016

Research Associate – Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance Responsibilities: Advising the Centre on its research agenda and participating in its conferences, seminars and publications; contributions to specific research projects as a member of a research group

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Working Papers and Policy-based Research

  • Limitations of Monetary Policy: Implications for Central Banking in Barbados and Economic Policy Formulation

  • A Framework for Interest Rate Policy in Barbados

  • Currency Forecasting Framework in Barbados

  • Estimating a yield curve for Barbados

  • Pricing of commercial bank services in Trinidad and Tobago

  • Prospects for Liquidity absorption in the face of RBC takeover of RBTT

  • The development of the Alternative Finance Industry in Trinidad & Tobago

  • Baseline study of the Mutual Funds Industry in Trinidad & Tobago (published by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Trinidad & Tobago)