Dr. Anthony Birchwood

Dr. Anthony Birchwood is a past Research Fellow at the Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance.  He has published widely in areas of related to banking, monetary and fiscal policy, trade and economic integration.  Some of his publications included studies on commercial banking in the region, Development Banking, Interest rate issues and Monetary Policy.   In addition Dr. Birchwood has presented papers on a diverse array of topics at numerous conferences and workshops.  Dr. Birchwood also served as an examiner at the University of the West Indies for various economic courses, supervised various M.Sc. Projects and also serves on PHD Committees at the University.   Further, he has been a consultant to many organisations including:



•    the United Nations

•    the Commonwealth

•    Caribbean Development Bank

•    the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission

•    the Central Government of Trinidad and Tobago

•    Caribbean Money Market Brokers

Some of his work included the construction of a macro-econometric model for Suriname, Development Banking, work which informed the new financial Act of Trinidad and Tobago, the Collective Investment Vehicles, Monetary policy in the Caribbean economies and Interest rate forecasting.


Recent Publications and Presentations

2007 Structural Factors Associated with Primary Fiscal Balances in Developing Countries

Applied Economics, 39:1255-1243

2007 The Dynamics of Specialist Development Banking: the Case of the Agriculture Development Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

Serie Finaniamiento del Dessarrollo #192, United Nations, CEPAL, Chile: Santiago

2006 Financial Market Integration, Arbitrage and Interest Rate Parity in the Caribbean. In Finance and Real Development in the Caribbean

edited by Anthony Birchwood and Dave Seerattan, Trinidad and Tobago: Caribbean Centre for Monetary Studies

2003 Banking in Micro States: the Case of Caribbean Commercial Banks

(201 pages). St. Augustine: Caribbean Centre for Monetary Studies. Refereed by: Lawrence Clark, Shelton Nicholls, Roland Craigwell, and Ronald Ramkisson


Technical Studies

The Dynamics of Specialist Development Banking: The Case Of The Agriculture Development Bank of Trinidad And Tobago. Study done on behalf of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), and the Caribbean Development Bank.

2005. Base Line Study on the Collective Investment Vehicles Industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Study done on behalf of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.

2005. Measurement of the Social Rate of Return to Education in Jamaica. Study done on behalf of Human Employment and Resource Training program.

2004. A member of a team of consultants that undertook and prepared a study on injury to Caribbean Cement Company Limited caused by imported cement.

2003-4. Developed a model to forecast interest rates for Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Model developed and presented to Caribbean Money Market Brokers.

2003. Developed a Growth and Trade Oriented Macroeconometric Model for the Surinamese Economy on behalf of the United Nations Development Programme.

2000. Co-authored report of the Committee Appointed by Cabinet of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to Review the Financial Sector of Trinidad and Tobago. Report is now a Green Paper for public comment.