Professor Patrick Kent Watson

Director of Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social & Economic Studies

Current Director of Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social & Economic Studies, Professor Watson is also Coordinator of Economic Measurement Unit, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of the West Indies and former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences (1995-2003). Areas of expertise include Econometric Modelling of Caribbean phenomena (in particular monetary and fiscal policy), Economic Measurement and Statistical Analysis.

Professor Watson's publications include books and articles in the area of Theoretical and Applied Econometrics and Caribbean Economy. He is also involved in the supervision of Phd and Master's theses and projects, and teaching of quantitative economic courses at Graduate and Undergraduate levels.

Current Research includes Social Accounting Matrices (and extensions) for the Caribbean, with applications to poverty, human capital formation and income distribution; Computable General Equilibrium and System Dynamics modeling of the Caribbean Economy, with applications to trade, poverty, income distribution and the environment; Finance (including micro finance) and Financial markets in the Caribbean.

Other professional activities are consulting in areas involving economic measurement (measurement of capital stock, poverty issues, monetary and financial issues). He has served on the Board of Directors of various State Enterprises and on Government Committees and conducts executive level training in statistical and econometric analysis (including the use of software like Eviews and SPSS).

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