Dr. Allan Wright

Senior Economist at the Central Bank of Barbados

Dr. Allan Wright is a Senior Economist at the Central Bank of Barbados and also currently a Researcher at the Center for Monetary Studies in Latin America (CEMLA). He received his PhD in Economics from the University of the West Indies. His current work lies mainly in the areas of debt and fiscal policy, forecasting, economic growth, foreign direct investment and aspects of the real sector including tourism.

Recent Publications and Presentations

2013 "Public Spending in Selected Caribbean Countries: Testing Wagner’s Law and the Ratchet Hypothesis",

Journal of Public Finance Review.

2013 “Explaining Unemployment in the Caribbean Again”,

International Journal of Business and Social Science.

2012 “Economic Growth and Corruption in Developing Economies: Evidence from Linear and Non-Linear Panel Causality Tests”,

Journal of Business, Finance & Economics in Emerging Economies.

2012 “Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth and Corruption in Developed and Developing Economies”,

Journal of Economic Studies.

2012 “An Analysis of Behavioural Patterns of Inbound Tourist to Barbados, 2004 -2011: Hotels vs Non – traditional Accommodations”,

Journal of Public Sector Policy Analysis.

2011 “Foreign Direct Investment and Corruption in Developing Countries: Evidence from Linear and Non-Linear Causality Tests”,

Economics Bulletin.

2011 “Exchange Rate Determination in Jamaica: A Market Microstructures and Macroeconomic Fundamentals Approach”,

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