Dr. Kevin Greenidge

Deputy Director in the Research Department Central Bank of Barbados

Dr. Greenidge holds a B.Sc. in Economics with first class honours from the University of the West Indies, a masters in Economics from the University of Cambridge in the UK and a Ph.D. from the University of Nottingham, also in the UK. Apart from this formal, Kevin also attended a number of training programmes at various international institutions such as the IMF Institute, the Monetary Study Centre Gerzensee, Switzerland, and the Centre for Latin American Monetary Studies in Kingston, Jamaica.

Dr. Greenidge joined the Central Bank of Barbados in the summer of 1995 and is currently Deputy Director in the Research Department.

Dr. Greenidge has published extensively in the area of economics in numerous journals, both regional and internationally. His publications topics include the measurement of financial liberalisation, liberalisation and the challenges for policy makers in small developing economies, issues of exchange rate misalignment in the Caribbean, cross country monetary effects, growth and convergence in the Caribbean. His current research focus is on the macroeconomic effects of financial liberalisation in the Caribbean.

Dr. Greenidge is also a member of the International Atlantic Economic Society, the Western Economic Association, a Fellow of the Cambridge Commonwealth Society and Vice-president of the Barbados Economic Society. Kevin is also a referee for a number of journals.